Renaissance Man


A Renaissance Man…

is well-rounded with a wealth of knowledge and many talents.



The Renaissance Man Leadership Program for Adolescent Boys is a program that helps raise our young men into well-rounded men. The program instills confidence, respect and values that many of our inner-city youth are lacking. It provides the young men with the life skill that all intelligent men have, family values that all good fathers possess and the abilities that all renaissance men own. 

The program is geared to serve teen boys in middle and high school and assist them in making their transition to manhood. The participants are exposed to round-table discussions that are fun, safe, non-judgmental and very informative. It allows them the opportunity to see themselves as successful citizens of the community and to broaden their self-esteem, communication skills, decision making skills and leadership skills. It also gives them the opportunity to see themselves as strong, wise, affluent men and leaders in their small but important community.