NovelTeens' Ink



NovelTeens Ink Journalism Academy is a program that trains middle and high school youth in all of the areas of Journalism. The youth receive state of the art training in Writing for the Media, Photojournalism, Videography, Web Design and Mobile and Game Application Design. Professors, Industry Professionals, Consultants and Volunteers train the youth in the Journalism Academy which has existed since 2006.

The youth in the NovelTeens Ink Journalism Academy are trained in a process that helps them develop job skills that will facilitate their successful entrance into the workforce, college or to become entrepreneurs. The experience that the youth receive is second to none. The youth have access to their own laptop, desktop or tablet and will be taught using Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, Muse CC, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, and Flash Builder. This industry software is used to assist with teaching Photojournalism (Photoshop and InDesign), Web Design (Muse and Dreamweaver), Videography (Premiere Pro) and Mobile and Game Application Development (Flash Builder). Youthwho have gone through the program have come back on numerous occasions, the following year and taught some of the classes that the NovelTeens Ink Journalism Academy has to offer. These youth showed great leadership qualities and a level of expertise in the information that was taught to them. This is evidence that the teaching methods work, and that the desire to bridge the digital divide in the community lies not only with the program but with the youth as well.