Camp On The Go



Over the years, the center has incorporated additional methods, goals and strategies to maintain its original purpose that is aligned with the youth needs but to also stay relevant and interesting to the ever-changing youth desires. During the summer months, students are in jeopardy of falling even further behind due to summer learning loss. YOUR Community Center has been providing services to this community and the entire population of Washington, DC for over 20 years now and the summer camp was one of the first programs offered. The organizations initial reason for starting the program was to academically enrich the participants during the summer months, to broaden their knowledge of the rich history of the District of Columbia and to offer a fun summer camp experience.

During the summer, the program offers Math Hoops, 24 Math Challenge, Chess, Lego Robotics, Coding, Bridge Building, Mobile Application Development, Poetry, Journaling, Swimming Lessons, Photography, and Field Trips all across the city and to parts of Maryland and Virginia. The reasons for all of these components of the summer camp are to provide the youth with interesting, educational, enriching activities that are not like school, but can teach them about their rich culture and history; and to allow them to explore new things that they may not have the opportunity to do if they are not a member of Camp On The Go.