Youth Organizations United to Rise


Our Mission

YOUR Community Center’s mission is to promote academic, cultural, social and emotional development; improve computer literacy, help build self-esteem and strengthen leadership and confidence in the classroom.

Our Vision

Proper knowledge will open the way to acquiring a healthy appreciation and understanding of the rich cultural and racial diversity that characterizes our society. In an effort to assist each child in developing his/her greatest human potential, we will focus on character building, respect for self and others, responsibility to family, school, community, our city, country, the world and the universe.  The result will be, we hope, an enhancement of human thinking and attitudes in each participant.  We make every attempt to broaden our understanding of how we should relate and connect with each other in a world that is manifesting constant and rapid change.

Y.O.U.R.’s out-of-school time after school program provides quality programming for students of working parents in a safe, supportive, and family-like environment.  The program provides enriching experiences for students that supplement their daily education.  Mutual cooperation and communication with parents concerning all facets of the program is sought in an effort to serve the daily needs of each child enrolled in the program. As we strive to promote human development, parent support is always welcomed as we demonstrate unity in the development for your children.

The staff of Y.O.U.R. is committed to maximizing after school safety and creating a positive learning environment that teaches strategies for violence prevention and emphasizes high expectations for student conduct, responsible behavior, and respect for others.