Petals of Primrose

Program Overview

The Petals of Primrose Leadership Program for Adolescent Girls is a mentoring program for girls, grades nine through twelve, in the greater Washington, DC area.  The Petals of Primrose Program was specifically designed to help adolescent females grow into strong-willed, self confident and self-assured leaders. The program provides a wide range of information, knowledge, opportunities and experiences that focus on values and ethics designed to help promote positive growth and strong decision-making skills while encouraging them to express themselves in an assertive manner consistent with lady-like characteristics.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of young ladies by offering strategies and hands-on opportunities to strengthen prevention, awareness, education, leadership and decision making skills.

Our Vision

Through the development of problem-solving skills, decision-making skills and knowledge of community resources, program participants will have an increased awareness and a personal responsibility for leadership.  They will have confidence and ability to make informed decisions as they move forward in life.

Program Goals

There are three main goals of the program: to develop leaders through sessions and activities that promote self-confidence and inner growth; to foster learning from community leaders, workshops, and activities in the areas of health, self-improvement, management, technology and the arts; and to promote growth, respect, friendship, and sisterhood by developing sensitivity to others’ needs. 

Our Goals

The Primrose is a flower that after receiving a sufficient amount of sunlight and nutrients, opens up and stands tall and beautiful in the evening.  Like the Primrose flower, our Petals of Primrose Program, in a sense, is designed to give you the nurturing and the watering necessary to help you do the same – to stand tall, beautiful and confident.  You will be ready for many of the obstacles or adversities that may come your way during high school and beyond.  We hope the program will serve as a guide to help you discover who you are, how to use your gifts, and more importantly, what your life’s purpose is.