Advancing After School

Program Overview

At Advancing After School @YOUR we have fostered a high quality environment that allows the youth to think, live and learn at higher levels of achievement. With our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) curriculum, kindergarten – eighth grade students can examine problems and see challenges instead of obstacles through technology development.

Students will be actively engaged in activities that promote strong character building exercises to help develop a strong self- image with confidence to face life’s challenges. Our evidence based (STEAM) – curriculum enables students to problem solve by building on prior learning experiences through a comprehensive framework.

At Advancing After School @YOUR, we are providing experiential learning that allows students the freedom to choose and engage in Learning Centers that spark their interest for future career choices. From knowledge workers, to educators, to scientists, engineers, artists and technicians, our focus is on the whole child as we include a broad range of (STEAM) career opportunities as we intentionally guide children’s learning in a fun, creative environment.

Our Mission

The mission of Advancing After School @YOUR is to Ignite a strong sense of self through an enriching process that promotes self- exploration and guidance.

Our Vision

Specializing in Positive Youth Development using hand-on STEAM activities, we believe that there is no limit to what a student can achieve. Therefore, we have designed our program to be limitless so students feel empowered to discover their interest. We have high expectations for our youth and it is important that our environment meet students where they are and that it caters to individual needs.


Our purpose is to cultivate confidence in individuals by strengthening academic skills through the use of exploring, creating and defining goals for career opportunities.


Advancing After School @ YOUR is dedicated to ensuring quality STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education to help students advance in life.