Community Programs

“We are open when school is closed.”

Over the past 20 years, YOUR has worked with over 2,000 youth and plans to continue its work through increasingly innovative and sustainable programs. Now entering its 21st year, the organization continues to find ways to offer more specialized programs for youth. Along with the Advancing After School program, we offer several additional youth programs including Camp on the Go, Great Opportunities for Advancing Leadership, NovelTeens’ Ink, and the Petals of Primrose Program for Adolescent Girls.

At YOUR Community Center we have placed a huge focus on ensuring that our youth have a sense of belonging and membership. We achieve this by offering structured and knowledgeable programs that are infused with journal writing, enrichment activities, ensured by creativity and love. Even after a full day at school, the youth of YOUR’s after school programs arrive each afternoon ready for a great after school experience. We keep their young minds thirsting for more through thought provoking warm-ups, engaging enrichment activities and interesting conversations where they are all encouraged to express themselves through both written and spoken words. They have the opportunity to exercise their freedom of choice through daily choice time activities and outdoor exercises.